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Today is a wonderful day. It’s one of those days where you look back and realise serendipity is an awfully great phenomenon.

Who would’ve guessed two extremely opposite friends would bring me down to the same place at the same time. For different reasons. One to keep his friendship and the other to remind me to keep mine.

This trip has been eventful for a denier like me. Celebrating a Budd who’s settling in life and celebrating another who’s liberating his life.

And in between lies me, sandwiched perfectly. Giving out my wise cracks and smart-aleck advice​ to the world.

We all seek something. And  I guess I’m coming to terms with what I seek. Well getting closer to it is more like it.

I commit suicide in different ways. So much so that I’m enamoured by what enigma I’m portrayed as to the world outside.

Welcome to my mind, once again.

It’s a kaleidoscope of horrors. A rollercoaster of emotions. A deep dark well kept secret. A well of chaos in chains. A raging bull racing on a nitro boost of charged sentiments.

As I sip on a cappuccino to slow down and not tempt the beast within. It roars and rumbles even so.

Letting​ it erupt is not an option.

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Devastation. Regret. Disharmony. Stop.

Now I think it’s time for us to quit. I am finally giving up. Because all of this means nothing to me now. All withering like dust, blowing in the wind.
As my lonely heart thumps harder, and I sink into my shadows. I wished you would be mine. But today, I will have a change of heart. Now I refuse to be yours. Because didn’t you say it first : Forever is Debatable

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Point of view

I walk myself down to a hotel nearby. Not for lavish feast though but for a modest meal. I walk in to find a seat.
A guy and a girl, Indian & American, sitting at the next table and chatting up. I, being the bored wanker I am, overheard them. The quality of conversation was petty and I quickly tuned out.
On the other hand, was a couple who were trying real hard to be ardent english speakers. I laughed to myself quite a bit and I laughed some more.

Not to be an asshole, but these very people will tomorrow complain about western influences encroaching their civilized culture. Tomorrow they willl root for a local guy who under a guise claims to uphold their values and beliefs.
Tomorrow, they will flock to him like bees to a flower. He is the lilypad these toads want to float on. Their strand of hope. But do they really forget he’s one of them? Just as two!-faced, as petty and as cheap as any of these low- lives who reek of selfish, vain motives to begin with anyway.
When these vermin bite the hand that feeds, I am not one of them to be surprised. I know surely, such scum will never learn.

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Riddle me this. Riddle me that!
No experience necessary.
No background checks.
No sales people pleas.
There was once a man
In a train
Who sat with
Strained brain.
The fan above moved slow
With no wind to blow
If the man was full of spite
How’d he find respite?
Look for the answer
After you look for the question.

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Just another Sunday, or maybe not.

I woke up this morning, like other mornings, hazy and dazed. It is worrisome y’know that alcohol is not the reason for my oblivious state of mind. I woke up feeling the burden of a thousand suns on my head and it just doesn’t feel too good, the day starting in this fashion on a regular basis.

Although the morning brought with it some half-joys. A close friend from afar dropped in a message. It read,”Meet at 12pm”. In my daze, I stumbled onto my phone to check this very message. I was aghast because in my sense of mayhem I did not recognize the sender, her number that showed was different. I did not reply and causally forgot about it.

Breakfast at my place was the usual, it is easier to find food in Somalia. For about a week or so, I have been hooked onto this book written by Edgar Allan Poe. I believe he is one of the finest writers I have come across. You know me, never have been a voracious reader but with my sufficiently simple vocabulary I can hold a small sensible conversation.
I did get around meeting that friend. She is good y’know. Takes risks, is good with academics likes to experiment and know new things and meet new people, unlike yours truly. She even got me a bag of Hershey’s. Yay!! It’s been a fun afternoon, seeing a few faces after a long, long time.
Now here I am, sitting in another city, sipping on some fine wine. I began writing because of this beautiful glass that sits before me in a very seductive way. You see I have always loved wine. It has been my first drink and even now it defines me in a certain way.
Relations have never been my forte yet this little glass of love evokes the most of my emotions. Maybe this girl, my sweet little glass of wine saves me from being broken, from bein lonesome and from being dazed, as I always do.
Maybe this Sunday is the one where I rediscover how to love again.