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But you only want the ones you can’t get

These things that are pleasing you, will hurt you somehow

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Questionable stuff.

Can you take a thousand winds
and make them sound like the essence
of one soul.

Can you make the free breeze hum a hearty tune.

Can you unite elements of the earth
with your own.

Can you feel beyond the reaches of your self.

Can you? Rework the workings of this intricate machine. So fine tuned. So controlled.

Can you bring beauty in chaotic form to breathe life into this mundane world we live in.

Can you?

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Be the king of your mole hill.
Thrive on your comforts.
Live life disillusioned
At a thousand miles slower than the rest

Believe you’ve made it, the cut.
Reached way ahead.

Wait for the cursed check to
bounce back right in your face.

And then wake up
Back to reality.

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Life has its moments. Each with its essence and flavour. We trace it back to its inception. Like a distant memory. Sailing like ships in the sea, like clouds in the sky.

Floating like stars in the sky. A dominion of its own. Precious possessions have long been objects of desire.

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I wrote, to understand
I wrote, to see clearly
I wrote, to find expression
I wrote, to feel
I wrote, for comfort
I wrote, for sorrow
I wrote, for when joy escaped me
I wrote, for time gone by
I wrote, despite the hatred
I wrote, as a lovelorn boy
I wrote, in despair
I wrote, to fight the voices
I wrote, to right the wrongs
I wrote, to find survival
I wrote, to escape myself
I wrote, to deal with tragedy
I wrote, to deal with loss
I wrote, when my best left me
I wrote, when my terrible streaks revived
I wrote, I wrote and I write yet. But something within refuses to rest. Howling like a midnight wolf.

Let it be written on my tomb that I wrote to live. And in death I let others write on remains and in my absence.

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Infinite miseries surround me
Mind filled with despair

Survival so afar
A soul beyond repair

Sailing on an ocean of gray
Sailing far away

Lying awake in cold sweat
Of a future so bleak and lifeless

Is it really destined
Is it really how it is
Is it really

All too real
must find a way out
From this pit of misery