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Walking the nocturnal plank.

And the moon set sail in the night

while my eyes chased its melancholic

journey in a sea of stars.

I feel like you Moon.

I feel I’m surrounded by such

bodies of light and yet

I float away in darkness.

Ripples of me, barely known

by any other. Doomed by destiny

to circle these nightly oceans.

Calm and serene, creeping on

to my threads of sanity.

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At dawn the thing-a-majig started to grind its cogs. Rumbling like a snoring mammoth in hibernation. On the surface, it was all calm. So calm, it was terrifying. The humanoids had inhabited the surface for way too long. They meddled with everything they could find. With greed consuming them and the planet, the desire to know all and seek all had been the only motto for generations to come. Deep underneath, in the bowels of hell itself. A monstrosity lay in wait.

This time they had gone too far. Who recommends a brain surgery for the planet. But they in fact did. To seek the truth behind everything. With the Large Hadron Collider slowly gearing into full power, the rumblings turned to roars. Beams started to pass at a rapid pace and it was all zip-zap-zoom.

While we are all eager to find out why French cooking had snails, why Japanese had snakes, and why Korean had man’s best friend as savoury delight. But to each his own, we waited with baited breath. To see if we find the elusive meaning of love and solution to longing. But in the bargain, we realised not what had been unleashed.

We just rebooted the Big Bang.

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Watch the morning sun.

Watch it dawn upon.



Lighting up the day.

Illuminating the world.

Every single flower,

Each iris of each living being.

The seductive dancing smoke of cigarettes.

The raging face of a tense bus driver.

The sorrowful face of school kids who

in a bid for intelligence,

let precious moments of childhood slip by.

Watch the sun

As it brightens even the darkest of nights

with its mere reflection, while all

the praise is showered to the whitest moon.

You desire me to be the sun of your life.

My deepest regret is I cannot be so.

Though I do desire the same.

All I can do is leave you,

In the deepest nights with a kiss.

A memoir of moments cherished.

Only to be left behind.

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Today is a wonderful day. It’s one of those days where you look back and realise serendipity is an awfully great phenomenon.

Who would’ve guessed two extremely opposite friends would bring me down to the same place at the same time. For different reasons. One to keep his friendship and the other to remind me to keep mine.

This trip has been eventful for a denier like me. Celebrating a Budd who’s settling in life and celebrating another who’s liberating his life.

And in between lies me, sandwiched perfectly. Giving out my wise cracks and smart-aleck advice​ to the world.

We all seek something. And  I guess I’m coming to terms with what I seek. Well getting closer to it is more like it.

I commit suicide in different ways. So much so that I’m enamoured by what enigma I’m portrayed as to the world outside.

Welcome to my mind, once again.

It’s a kaleidoscope of horrors. A rollercoaster of emotions. A deep dark well kept secret. A well of chaos in chains. A raging bull racing on a nitro boost of charged sentiments.

As I sip on a cappuccino to slow down and not tempt the beast within. It roars and rumbles even so.

Letting​ it erupt is not an option.

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Too much, too soon. Or just a little too late.

Can I just not worry, like the golden years
in the past. Before engines roared,
and steel birds soared.

When the biggest concern was the gathering
around a dinner table. With the right style
of tea and company.

Where the future seemed elusive and promising
and not full of disdain. A time when we knew
how to be grounded, right beside the soil
that fed us.

When music was soothing, impressive
and rewarding to the listener and player alike.
What is vintage today, has been great
across a hundred or more years.

The harmonious jazz trio. The singing
belles with their acapella. Peace

To a time when celebrations came from the heart.
When social media was actually a face-to-face conversation.

Over tea. Over dinner. Over a visit to the park.

It feels like in this age of speed and neeed,
something has been lost. Something significant.
Something real.

Everything is virutally there. And I’m not.

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Living on the edge

Reckless. Restless. Sleepless. Driven. 

Take that smile, crumble it.

Try again, not good enough.

Crumple it. Throw it out the window 

There’s no room for it here

Now think loudly

Focus sincerity honesty dedication

Ingrain it. Swear by it.

Swear at it, under your rotten breath.

But never to the face.

Go to bed uneasy




And tomorrow morning

Wash your face.

Brush your teeth.

Rinse. Repeat 

Take it from the top, Mac!