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Today is a wonderful day. It’s one of those days where you look back and realise serendipity is an awfully great phenomenon.

Who would’ve guessed two extremely opposite friends would bring me down to the same place at the same time. For different reasons. One to keep his friendship and the other to remind me to keep mine.

This trip has been eventful for a denier like me. Celebrating a Budd who’s settling in life and celebrating another who’s liberating his life.

And in between lies me, sandwiched perfectly. Giving out my wise cracks and smart-aleck advice​ to the world.

We all seek something. And  I guess I’m coming to terms with what I seek. Well getting closer to it is more like it.

I commit suicide in different ways. So much so that I’m enamoured by what enigma I’m portrayed as to the world outside.

Welcome to my mind, once again.

It’s a kaleidoscope of horrors. A rollercoaster of emotions. A deep dark well kept secret. A well of chaos in chains. A raging bull racing on a nitro boost of charged sentiments.

As I sip on a cappuccino to slow down and not tempt the beast within. It roars and rumbles even so.

Letting​ it erupt is not an option.


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