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Too much, too soon. Or just a little too late.

Can I just not worry, like the golden years
in the past. Before engines roared,
and steel birds soared.

When the biggest concern was the gathering
around a dinner table. With the right style
of tea and company.

Where the future seemed elusive and promising
and not full of disdain. A time when we knew
how to be grounded, right beside the soil
that fed us.

When music was soothing, impressive
and rewarding to the listener and player alike.
What is vintage today, has been great
across a hundred or more years.

The harmonious jazz trio. The singing
belles with their acapella. Peace

To a time when celebrations came from the heart.
When social media was actually a face-to-face conversation.

Over tea. Over dinner. Over a visit to the park.

It feels like in this age of speed and neeed,
something has been lost. Something significant.
Something real.

Everything is virutally there. And I’m not.


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