Posted in Mindflares


Many come and yet many go,
Like the wheels of time,
All of life’s a give and take
Few etch memories
Few feuds

But if there’s one,
Just one tiny little soul
That can move even
The mightiest stone

It would be you
Trusty companion
Harbinger of joy
Witness to life itself

And today if you
lay here buried.

I want all my remorse
to be away from the
land that holds what’s dearest to me

With you buried here
I will make room for no sadness
No pain and no misery.
For this sacred spot is where
I lay my soul to rest.

Weep I must or
I’ll die.

But you stay with me
From now until forever.

Until we meet in another life
Not so far from now.

I’ll let this pass too like all else. Taking it as no loss, but the liberation of my very own soul.

Because that is what you were and always will be.

Rest in peace, Pal.
I need to soul search once again.


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