Posted in Mindflares


Days like these, I keep at bay.
Days like these, make my day.

Times like these, runs shivers down my spine.
Times like these, I fall in love with time.

Rides and roads, rails and routes leads me back. Back to you. In brief instances, it feels intoxicating – that we are worlds apart and still lead the same lives.

As if nothing changed, time didn’t move, everything… unflinchingly still.

It seems comforting. That we are moved yet again by each other, but now we don’t shatter like glass, like then, like seasons ago, like another life that we lived.

Guess I genuinely have something to be proud of now. We are together in everything, because it feels like this  tryst will stay with me until the eventual Grand Arcanum that waits for us at the end of this never ending tunnel.

I tried writing a poem. Whatever this is, guess I still bleed invisible liquids.

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