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Misery Index

I had left this space vacant because at the time, besides the name I had nothing to fill  in here.
Today I woke up to probably the most tragic events I’ve encountered yet in life. The passing of Robin Williams came as quite a shock to me. I don’t know why but the news carved an overwhelming void within me the instant I read it…

Most celebrity deaths don’t affect me much because I have honestly never been a movie buff. Actually, most deaths don’t affect me. But this particular incident has just got me shaken up a little too much. It hit me harder than the passing of any of my own relatives.

Behind all the laughs, gags and hilarity was a more somber, divided and possibly a lost man. Or he had it all figured out and this was merely just another step. As per reports, Robin Williams was not slated shoot for anything and all his releases were way up in December. And asphyxiation means he did it purposefully, knowing completely well that the chances of anyone stopping him in isolation is next to zero.

If it’s the latter, I think he made the right move. These shenanigans about living a long life, full of joy and optimism is something I could never relate to. Sometimes, you’re ahead of the curve and you have achieved the purpose you were set for. It is then that the void of existence starts gnawing at your very soul. Instead of forcing yourself to find a purpose reluctantly, calling it a day and signing off isn’t such disappointing thing. I’ll applaud him for making the move, if and only if he knew it all too well and his actions were conscious and intentional.


In the meanwhile, this ennui has hit me in the face again and it makes me question a lot of things once more. Because when Genie calls it quits, what’s a poor street-rat to do but question the point of existence in totality.

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