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Point of view

I walk myself down to a hotel nearby. Not for lavish feast though but for a modest meal. I walk in to find a seat.
A guy and a girl, Indian & American, sitting at the next table and chatting up. I, being the bored wanker I am, overheard them. The quality of conversation was petty and I quickly tuned out.
On the other hand, was a couple who were trying real hard to be ardent english speakers. I laughed to myself quite a bit and I laughed some more.

Not to be an asshole, but these very people will tomorrow complain about western influences encroaching their civilized culture. Tomorrow they willl root for a local guy who under a guise claims to uphold their values and beliefs.
Tomorrow, they will flock to him like bees to a flower. He is the lilypad these toads want to float on. Their strand of hope. But do they really forget he’s one of them? Just as two!-faced, as petty and as cheap as any of these low- lives who reek of selfish, vain motives to begin with anyway.
When these vermin bite the hand that feeds, I am not one of them to be surprised. I know surely, such scum will never learn.

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