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Just another Sunday, or maybe not.

I woke up this morning, like other mornings, hazy and dazed. It is worrisome y’know that alcohol is not the reason for my oblivious state of mind. I woke up feeling the burden of a thousand suns on my head and it just doesn’t feel too good, the day starting in this fashion on a regular basis.

Although the morning brought with it some half-joys. A close friend from afar dropped in a message. It read,”Meet at 12pm”. In my daze, I stumbled onto my phone to check this very message. I was aghast because in my sense of mayhem I did not recognize the sender, her number that showed was different. I did not reply and causally forgot about it.

Breakfast at my place was the usual, it is easier to find food in Somalia. For about a week or so, I have been hooked onto this book written by Edgar Allan Poe. I believe he is one of the finest writers I have come across. You know me, never have been a voracious reader but with my sufficiently simple vocabulary I can hold a small sensible conversation.
I did get around meeting that friend. She is good y’know. Takes risks, is good with academics likes to experiment and know new things and meet new people, unlike yours truly. She even got me a bag of Hershey’s. Yay!! It’s been a fun afternoon, seeing a few faces after a long, long time.
Now here I am, sitting in another city, sipping on some fine wine. I began writing because of this beautiful glass that sits before me in a very seductive way. You see I have always loved wine. It has been my first drink and even now it defines me in a certain way.
Relations have never been my forte yet this little glass of love evokes the most of my emotions. Maybe this girl, my sweet little glass of wine saves me from being broken, from bein lonesome and from being dazed, as I always do.
Maybe this Sunday is the one where I rediscover how to love again.

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